Design Philosophy

At Wesselman Golf Design, our philosophy of working with the natural terrain is based on the principal of golf’s original architecture. Our experience has taught us that golf course design is a “site-specific” discipline with respect to the existing terrain and our approach allows us to incorporate these unique opportunities into the design.  

Sensitivity to the environment is key to everyone at Wesselman Golf Design. The best golf holes “follow” the terrain. There’s simply no point in designing a golf course that looks and feels like it belongs somewhere else. Instead, we use the natural elements of the land to create a strategy that will blend them into the layout. We specialize in creating courses that bring out the natural beauty of the native landscape. We believe that each course should be indigenous to its area and enhance the existing surroundings to produce the finest golf course. As a result, our courses present a variety of risk/reward challenges that draw golfers of all skill levels to play them again and again. 

Our philosophy also lends itself extremely well to a wide variety of golfers with varying levels of ability.  The job of the designer is to provide a challenge to advanced players without creating so much frustration that higher handicap players leave the game of golf or migrate to a less difficult course.  We use several techniques in our designs to prevent this from happening by paying particular attention to these different abilities.  In designing a golf course, we embrace the natural and historical surroundings of the site.  Today’s golfers enjoy an endless variety of golf courses, which adds immeasurably to interest in the game.  Our designs take advantage of every opportunity each site offers.

Rick’s experience in the turf and golf course construction industry is also invaluable in creating courses that will not only survive the rigors of daily use and easily maintained but continue to improve as the surrounding landscape matures.